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Deprecation of 2 year SSL/TLS Certificates

Apple and Google have announced that from September 1, 2020 their browsers Safari and Chrome will trust SSL/TLS certificates with a maximum lifetime of 1 year (398 days) only.

Therefor, from September 1, 2020, the Certificate Authorities are not able to issue certificates that have a longer lifetime than 398 days. This applies to all Certificate Authorities and SSL/TLS certificates.

The Certificate Authorities will implement the new guidelines as follows and limit the maximum duration to 398 days:
Sectigo (formerly Comodo): from August 19, 2020
DigiCert: from August 27, 2020
GlobalSign: from August 31, 2020

Please note that all certificates issued before September 1, 2020 (even with a 2-year lifetime) are still valid.
No reissue is required!